• What is a county commissioner?

    In Iron county the commission is a group of elected officials charged with administering the county government.

  • What does a county commissioner do?

    The commissioners oversee those aspects of county operations that have been charged by the voters to be administered. There is a wide range of responsibilities such as county roads, landfill, working with land use and working with the Sheriff’s department etc. The county budget is overseen and set by the commissioners with requests coming from the various departments.

  • How many commissioners are there in Iron County?


  • Why do you want to serve as a commissioner?

    I am willing to serve this great community to pay back the blessings and opportunities the people of this community have made possible. I am grateful to be an American and citizen of Iron County. I will study out the issues and weigh them in defense of their constituents’ rights. Using the time honored standard that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the foundation of American genius I take seriously the charge to keep government accountable to the people. Raising a family here and building a contracting business for almost 2 decades has allowed me opportunity to interact with many people throughout our county. I have seen firsthand the role local leadership plays in respecting the limited role of administering justice and essential services for their constituents. I have also seen in some instances a departure from sound policy. I am confident this community will continue as a bastion of light leading out in the private sector of business, technology, education, medicine, industry, tourism, arts and events with our local government supportive yet out of the way. I will serve with sensible hard work committed to the core values that make this community great.

  • What concerns you most as a candidate?

    Size of government is an indicator of the health of society. Simply put the smaller the government and the more that solutions arise from the private sector the healthier and happier our communities will be. The larger the government and the more that solutions are demanded through government or required thereby the more we will witness the symptoms of an unhealthy society.

    Sadly if governments at any level begin to think that their solutions are better they justify forcing solutions of their own creation on the people they are supposed to serve. This always becomes costly and ends up eroding individual liberty in the process and adversely affects private sector created solutions. We need fresh leadership for this commission seat and I will serve with a commitment to respect my fellow citizens, tax dollars and reduce overextended government. I will diligently work to foster an atmosphere attractive to economic growth and prosperity and private sector solutions.

  • What is the deal with Prairie Dogs in Iron County?

    As Iron County Citizens, most if not all of us sense the awkward policies surrounding prairie dogs. This dilemma has far surpassed the nuisance stage. The negative stigma of boundless control over the use of our private properties by an unelected minority of groups has been overbearing. It is long past time that we join together our voices as a community and assert (whether you are in favor of the furry creature or not) our indefeasible rights to our private properties and remove the encumbrances of poor policy and the nuisance of the rodent from private lands. Many of the solutions proposed to deal with them has the property owners and taxpayers of this county as the target of more burdens and expenses. We must work together community wide and only accept terms that ensures protection of our fellow citizens from confiscatory predatory practices of an overreaching Federal Government. Many of the current proposals and remedies are more intrusive and invasive to all Citizens of Iron County. I stand of the premise that when our private property rights are respected then we can have reasonable discussions.