About Dave

Dave moved to Iron County from North Ogden over 20 years ago. He arrived on a Greyhound bus with less than 10 dollars in his pocket. He studied at night at SUU and worked all day with his Uncle in construction to pay his own way for 2 years of missionary service in St. Petersburg Russia.

He associated with thousands of people in Russia and learned that many of them lived everyday of their lives in fear of their government. Convinced of what a precious gift we have here in America, Dave returned to Iron County where he furthered his education and business endeavors while intensively studying out what made the difference between the two countries. Driven to not only understand what makes America great but put that knowledge into action Dave learned that service above self is at the heart of what makes America great. But more than just a spirit of service, he learned that a return to fundamental principles is needed to promote, to preserve and to protect the priceless blessings of liberty for us and for future generations.

While attending SUU he met and married Joy Grotegut from Spanish Fork, Utah and together they have 5 children. Second only to spending time with family Dave enjoys serving in the community and cultivating friendships based on shared values of education, hard work, music, honesty, frugality etc. and the little spare time he has working on his mini-farm west of Cedar City and helping others to become more self reliant. Dave attributes much of his interest in the politics around him to the concern he has for the upcoming generation. He is convinced that many of the problems that have been and are being created result from a departure of fundamental principles. The national debt is a dangerous symptom demonstrating poor leadership, financial mismanagement, decaying moral values and an overall trend away from proven methods and principles that deliver desirable results in the home, in communities and in our nation.

During the course of nearly two decades Dave has operated a construction business and has built over a hundred homes and completed thousands of projects. Whether the resources have been scanty or operating multi-million dollar budgets Dave has proven successful. Building his business from scratch founded on the principles of hard work, honesty, doings things right, working well with people, smart planning and getting things done these experiences have formed and shaped Dave. Of all the lessons from business Dave says is probably the most important is to remember that the customer is in charge.

Serving in public office as Commissioner of Iron County Dave knows who is in charge, the citizens of Iron County. The tremendous breadth of institutional knowledge that he has acquired, he admits, does not singularly qualify him for re-election but rather remembering every day the purpose for which governments are created in the first place guides him through the labyrinth of challenges, varied interests and broad opportunities to best cultivate a spirit of freedom and personal responsibility for all.

The relationships forged through service for others has increased his appreciation for the wonderful people of Iron County and the State of Utah. Countless volunteer hours and generous donations make the difference in the way communities function and bless lives. So many work to provide relief for the needy, enables arts to reach hearts, makes possible exciting activities and events to enrich lives and on and on. Truly Iron County is a great place to live and it is because of the people who live and give here.
Dave said he would be remiss if he did not acknowledge the talented and tremendous staff and colleagues he works with in Iron County that does so much and often goes without notice. They deserve the credit for delivering valuable services that are funded by our tax dollars.
Dave has and commits to continue to devote his energy and time serving you, his fellow citizens, by listening to you and building a brighter future together. Thank you.